Describe one reason for the growth of a commercial economy in europe during the period 1450 1600

Improved techniques created a far more productive agricultural economy. Which then created a huge economic growth throughout the dar al-Islam. Urban Growth. Increased agricultural production contributed to the rapid growth of cities in all parts of the Islamic World from India to Spain. Career, Technical, Technical Education Perkins V Farmworker Career Development Educator Resources Adult Education Adult Education Pathways and Programs High S. Oct 15, 2017 · Europe in the Late Middle Ages was devastated by wave after wave of the bubonic plague that struck the population in their prime. This led to terrible economic struggles with decreased demand and increased supply leading to price hikes, wage freezes and industrial action across Europe. The period of 1360 – 1390 was a time of troubles for the Empire of Mali . The Empire suffered under several bad rulers with short reigns [liii] . The throne changed hands between several members of the ruling family and was at one point seized by a man named Mahmud, who was not from Mali nor part of the ruling family [liv] .

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Universities spread rapidly throughout Europe during the period of the Commercial Revolution. There were no universities in all of Europe before the Commercial Revolution began in the tenth century. By 1500, there were more than 50 ( Verger 1992, pp. 62–65).

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In addition to trade and commercial ties, China now figures strongly in the development plans of countries across the region; most East Asian publics—and many in South Asia, Central Asia, and Europe—look favorably on Chinese investment, providing Beijing a way to boost its foreign influence.

In 1700 European agriculture was much more ancient and medieval with an average of only five or six bushels of grain for every bushel of wheat sown. In crisis years, when crops were ruined by drought or flood, starvation forced people to use substitutes—the "famine foods" of a desperate population.The Silk Road continued to connect Europe with Asia, serving as a primary trade route for luxury goods. It reached its greatest height during the Mongol Peace (c. 1260 -1368 CE), under the rule of the nomadic Mongols; West Africa traded with other parts of the Muslim world in a trans-Saharan network

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