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Running moon clips. This thing hits like a truck! The last round knocked one of the chains off the steel target and left it These beat the moonclips for the speed of reloading an 8 round 357 magnum.Some of those are pretty cool. I have tried to do photos like that - people holding the moon or something - and can never get them to turn out well.

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.357 Caliber Moon Clips are available for three, .357 S&W revolvers. Order the 686P-7 for the Package of 10 standard full moon clips for your S&W 627 8 shot chambered in 38 Spacial/357...

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.357/38 Moon Clip Holder With Tek Lok Mount. Silver Moon Clip on Charm with Cubic Zirconia — Jewellery Sterling 925.357 Caliber Moon Clips are available for three, .357 S&W revolvers. Order the 686P-7 for the 7-shot 357 Cal. requires machining of cylinder, and are designed for use with Federal and Remington-Peters...

Jan 15, 2019 · Using this size frame allows the 627 to hold 8 rounds of 357 magnum. There aren’t currently any speed loaders that will work for this revolver that I am aware of, however, they do make Moon Clips. Smith includes two of the moon clips in the box with the 627. The 627 Pro Series Trigger Ranch Full Moon Clip 38 Special, 357 Magnum 7-Round Blue Pack of 8 Our price $12.99 Our Price: $ 12.99 Available . Add to Cart Ranch Full Moon Clip S&W 627 38 Special ...

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